Window Blind

It is formed by bringing the blinds unit and dry air or gases suitable for ambient pressure between the two glass plates in factory conditions.

Button System Window Blind

The System Shutter with Button works only in the form of open and close with an axial movement. It is mostly preferred in office partitions, but it is suitable for all kinds of window systems.

Chain Sytem Window Blind

Chain System Venetian blind is the system where the mechanism is taken out from the hole in the glass. Necessary equipment has been taken against leakage by using the necessary equipment in the hole in the glass. It does not differ in appearance from other blinds.

Magnetic System Window Blind

The magnet blind system is used without any holes on the glass or the glazing bead, by moving it thanks to the magnetic reducer system.

Motorized System Window Blind

It is a system that operates with 25mm or 28mm air gap and the motor placed between the double glass moves the mechanism.

Self-receiver 24w motor is placed in the inner upper case and no mechanism is used on the outer surface of the glass. The motor cable, which is removed from the upper corner of the glass, is operated by combining with the adapter cable with the socket.

Lift and tilt feature is provided with the remote control or wall receiver.